Each collector will receive by airdrop the outfit corresponding to the collected artwork. The video is in 4K format and adapted to infinite object digital frames. The collector also has the possibility to have one of his outfits integrated to a photo of his choice. Other advantages are planned according to the development of the collection. Each ether received will be used to develop the F3RROFLUID vision.

Lore :

This digital fashion collection takes place in a universe that has been shaped by the cosmic high deities present in the Hypernova collection. The deities depicted in the F3RROFLUID collection are inferior deities called "Admins", the admins are inferior deities who govern the life of living beings with consciousness developed in the universe. In this universe a mysterious matter has particular properties that are associated with divine powers. Some people have the ability to master this matter and to accomplish various miracles with it. No one knows where these chosen ones, made of flesh and steel, come from, but their appearance suggests that they come from elsewhere.
The vision :

F3RRODLUID was born from a desire that has been present in me for a long time. From my inspirations and professional and academic background I have always been attracted by the world of visual creation. And as my skills evolved I felt more and more able to give life to my ideas and create this bridge between my internet for fashion and graphic art. One of the points that encouraged me more in this way is the meeting with my friend Altered vision, who is a model for several years and knew how to bring his skills and inspirations acquired during these years, especially by the drawing. It is him who sometimes provides me a part of the sketches on which I base my outfits. We are now a duo of artists who  build a vision around the digital fashion and bring our stone to this building.
Thank you for reading this text, this project is very important to us and we will give everything to go as far as possible and create content of an ever increasing quality. F3RROFLUID will become something big in the future and we thank all those who believe in the project and support us in any way.

altered_vision ( one off collaborator ) : 

After spending several years working in the fashion industry as a model, I was suddenly driven by a desire to bring something of myself to the industry.
After realizing that every great story begins with a vision,
I wanted to give life to the ideas I had of the human being & of fashion in the future, as well as of the future of humanity.
And this was done in the first place by modifying the results of shoots, with the work of TokyoFlesh. 
We met by chance at a time when I wanted to give my photos a timeless, futuristic and cybernetic dimension, inspired by my imagination and the cinematographic, artistic and musical references that have marked me. 
With our mindset and our colossal ambitions, we could only associate to collaborate together.
Afterwards we became friends, & it was at that moment that it was obvious to us that we had to mark our time. 
Since childhood, I have always liked to question the world through Art, more particularly, through drawing. It was therefore essential for me to closely mix Art with each of my outfits (which I consequently conceive as works of art). 
The dreamy child that I was has developed an intuition of the future, associated with a certain capacity of anticipation, which pushed me to get used to the idea that I could bring some things to the world.

Thank you for embarking with us in this adventure, for adhering to the Universe, to our Art, and to this VISIØN.  

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