Every collector will receive the corresponding outfit through an airdrop upon collecting the artwork. The video is presented in a 4K format, tailored to seamlessly fit into digital frames of infinite objects. Additionally, collectors have the option to integrate one of their outfits into a photo of their choosing. Further perks are anticipated in alignment with the collection's ongoing development. Each received ether will contribute to the advancement of the F3RROFLUID vision.​​​​​​​

Lore :

This digital fashion series unfolds within a realm shaped by the cosmic high deities featured in the Hypernova collection. The F3RROFLUID collection introduces a tier of lesser deities known as "Admins." These Admins, inferior deities, govern the lives of beings endowed with developed consciousness across the universe.
In this cosmos, a mysterious substance known as "ichor," often referred to as the blood of primordial gods, possesses unique properties intertwined with divine capabilities. Certain individuals exhibit the prowess to command this ichor, performing a myriad of miracles. The origins of these chosen ones, beings crafted from a blend of flesh and steel, remain enigmatic, hinting at an otherworldly provenance.

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